Airports & Taxis

NOTE: All information subject to change.

TaxiNewark International Airport - The set fare from New York City to Newark International Airport is the regular metered rate of fare, plus a $17.50 surcharge, plus all tolls going to and returning from the airport.

John F. Kennedy International Airport - The TLC has established a "Flat Fare" program for trips from JFK to Manhattan. The flat fare is $52.00 plus any tolls. A NY State Tax Surcharge of $.50 will be added to each trip. The reverse is not true, however, as there is no set fare to JFK from any point in New York City. The metered rate applies.

LaGuardia International Airport - There is no set fare for trips to and from LaGuardia International Airport. The regular metered rate of fare, as is displayed below, applies in all cases.

Metered Taxi Rates

New York State Tax Surcharge of $.50 per ride

$2.50 upon entry
$.50 for each additional unit
$.50 night surcharge after 8:00PM and prior to 6:00AM
$1.00 peak hour Weekday Surcharge Monday - Friday after 4:00 PM & before 8:00 PM

The unit of fare is: one-fifth of a mile, when the taxicab is traveling at 6 miles an hour or more; or 60 seconds when not in motion or traveling at less than 6 miles per hour

The taximeter shall combine fractional measures of distance and time in accruing a unit of fare. Any combination of distance or time shall be computed by the taximeter in accordance with the National Institute of Standards and Technology. The fare shall include per-assessment of the unit currently being accrued; the amount due may therefore include a full unit charge for a final, fractional unit.

Different variables such as heavy traffic and tolls should be taken into account in gauging the final cost of your trip.

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