Tours at NYIAS 2020

Enjoy a High-Octane Combination of Performance, Tech and Style with a Tour of the 2020 New York Auto Show

Be some of the first to see an awe-inspiring high-octane combination of new ideas, technological innovation and future-looking cars and trucks. The Show, which has been presenting fine automobiles to the public since 1900, is known as one of the premier events in the world where style, technology, power, efficiency and design convene each year in celebration of the automobile industry.

What’s Included In A Tour?

Enjoy a curated tour of the Show with a leading industry expert. Each unique tour will give an unprecedented look at the stunning examples of the style, innovation, advanced engineering, power, and performance that has fascinated the world about the automobile industry from its inception. Everything from concept cars that are experiments in design to the new production vehicles that are just months away from the showroom are included.

Meet The Tour Guides

Every tour is led by an automotive expert, each with their own style and background in the auto industry.

Click on a tour guide’s photo to view their individual and unique passions and experiences that led them to the industry and their career paths in it.