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The Mulsanne family comprises three distinct models, all with their own unique abilities and attributes. The Mulsanne, Mulsanne Speed and Mulsanne Extended Wheelbase all share Bentley’s unrivalled levels of attention to detail and craftsmanship, while at the same time catering for the needs of individual customers. The new Mulsanne Extended Wheelbase, has been designed with the rear-seat passenger in mind. An additional 10 inches of rear legroom, airline-style extending leg rests and a rear compartment sunroof combine to create the most relaxing automotive environment in the world. The Mulsanne Speed, meanwhile, is tailored for the driver with 530 hp and 811 lb.ft of torque resulting in a time of just 40-60 mph in 4.8 seconds and has a top speed of 190 mph. The front of the new Bentley Mulsanne has been entirely redesigned. The new, imposing front end is dominated by a large stainless steel vertical-vane grille that celebrates the great models of the past, such as the 8-liter of 1930, Embiricos and R-Type Continental. Through these vertical vanes the Bentley matrix grille is visible. On the inside, occupants will find the finest handcrafted wood, leather and metal fittings, and the new Mulsanne also boasts redesigned seats, new door trims and armrests, unique glass switchgear and an industry-leading palette of 24 exquisite hide colors. The new Mulsanne features a completely new infotainment system, boasting class-leading navigation technology. It also features a selection of on-board infotainment systems that raise the bar for audio and visual entertainment on the move