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The SCG 003S is a road-legal luxury GT that is hand-built in our factory in Sleepy Hollow, New York. Also offered is a road-legal track-oriented SCG 003CS and a full competition SCG 003C (SPX/GTE). The SCG 003S features carbon fiber chassis, body, and subframes; a BMW 4.4 liter reverse flow twin turbo engine with racing dry-sump, generating 700 HP at rear wheels, 1900 lbs of net down force and 2G’s of mechanical grip on road tires with a maximum speed in excess of 230 mph. Complete with a paddle shift Cima gearbox, brembo carbon ceramic brakes, forgeline centerlock wheels and driver adjustable shocks with different settings for road and track – the SCG 003S rockets 0–60 mph in under 3 seconds. Elements include race-inspired side mirrors with built-in side cameras, dashboard side mirror screens, wooden sacrificial protective layer under front splitter and running the length of the bottom of the car, driver operated front and rear lifters with a choice of exterior paint and interior leather or Alcantara colors.

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