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Rolls-Royce Phantom

The all-new aluminum “Architecture of Luxury” underpinning the New Phantom is lighter, stiffer, quieter and more technologically advanced. The many years of engineering ensures the architectural and proportional lineage of Rolls-Royce while delivering a whole new level of “Magic Carpet Ride.” Entering the New Phantom, you experience “The Embrace’” of the world’s most luxurious motor car. The space enhances the sense of occasion and effortlessness of entry as the patron settles in to the car. Once inside, “The Suite’” re-defines comfort and refinement from the newly sculpted seats to the Bespoke option of a hand-crafted champagne cooler. As your driver or valet lightly touches the iconic coach doors, the door is closed in a whisper of silence, cocooning the occupant in the finest materials.

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