McLaren Mark Up by Alex Alpert and J&B Body Works

Join us for the this weekend (4/5-4/7) for the McLaren Mark Up! Prepare to be captivated by a fusion of automotive innovation and artistic brilliance as we present the McLaren Mark Up – a showcase of creativity and craftsmanship.  Artist Alex Alpert will be transforming a McLaren 600LT into a stunning canvas of inspiration right before your eyes!

Mark your calendars because let’s face it – seeing someone draw live on a McLaren is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!

About Alex Alpert:

Alex Alpert is a visual artist and creative director living in New York City. As a stream-of-consciousness illustrator, he is known for his free-flowing line variations and signature detailed shading. Specializing in live drawing, murals, and collaborations – Alex has worked with brands, musicians, and athletes from around the world.

Some recent projects include artwork for Nike, Red Bull, Formula 1, Amex, Adobe, Chelsea FC, and many more. Check out some of his work by clicking here.

About J&B Body Works:

J&B Body Works is an auto body shop located in Mt. Vernon, NY.  They provide services including auto body repair, customizations, & more. Learn more about J&B Body Works by clicking here.